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About D-Loc Enterprises.

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We are an information technologies based private holding & development firm with ownership in multiple web entities specializing in cutting edge Software Development (Web & Offline), Design and Online Marketing for the 21st Century.

We build customized web software, desktop and mobile integrated solutions to client specifications, above and beyond industry standards with all the major, popular and latest technology platforms including and not limited to: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile/Desktop and Mac OSX.


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From coding your basic personal webpage, to full-fledged database driven websites that do magic tricks, we do it all, whatever your requirements are!


First we sit down, discuss your needs, devise a game plan and best approach; create mock-ups, develop and deliver your product to spec.

Mobile AppDevelopment

The larger and more complex a project is, the longer it will take, and the more resources we will need, but we can do it. We can build the next big thing, your mobile app!


Whatever it is you need done, just ask and we can more than likely accomodate you! We turn your dreams, vision & ideas into fruition.

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Need more Facebook likes? Twitter followers? More visibility? Let us know, we do social.

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We will hold your hand, and help you through the roughest bumps, guiding you through these wild jungles of the interweb.

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

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A few of our projects & subsidiaries


Where2GoTonite is internet company specializing in the nightlife industry which helps venue owners, managers, promoters, event organizers, hosts and barstaff to streamline their marketing efforts while providing tools that effectively assist in managing their venues and businesses.

where2gotonite is a website along with mobile apps which revolutionize how venues in the nightlife industry do business from vip clients, promoters, event organizers, dj's, barstaff, owners and managers by digitalizing and automating processes which were once time consuming and mundane, acting as a robust marketing and management tool all rolled into one neat little package.

Some of the key features are as follows:

Vip clients:

- Clients can earn party points by giving feedback, sharing, and other tasks which they can then redeem for prizes like backstage passes, tickets, discounts, swag, free stuff and more.
- Easy to share and buy v-tickets, join guestlists with click of a button
- Locate venues and events, with intel on the places like male/female ratio, ages, number of people, hypeness to name a few.
- Reserve booths/tables via apps/website and get instant info of whats hot tonight, and who has the best deals promotions/discounts/specials at any moment
- Receive a chance to win perk incentives from participating venues
- One-click automated guestlist joining & table/booth reservations
- Purchasing tickets to special events, with instant print-at-home tickets
- Giving feedback to venues after genuine visits allowing betterment from their favourite venues
- Receive priority treatment from their local venues
- Be known of daily deals happening in their local area via text/e-mail

Promoters/DJ's/Barstaff/Event Organizers/Hosts/Owners/Managers:

- Save money on advertising and marketing efforts, printing costs
- GPS venue Locator, direct marketing to clients, floor planner and automated guestlists.
- Create, promote & manage events in one place
- Sell virtual tickets (v-tickets) to special events and accept payments from all major credit cards online
- Track customer loyalties, manage guestlists in real-time or traditional paper printout
- Receive and use invaluable feedback, statistics, graphs & tools to better their business operations
- Gain new customers they wouldn't have otherwise with Viral Pooling marketing technology and spread their event(s) virally and automatically populate guestlists thru their own social networks via their custom "Promoter/Guest Invitation Links"
- Efficiently market & manage their venues while gaining accurate & invaluable data from clients to then better gage and train their staff
- Best Return on Investment and much cheaper than producing Paper Flyers or other forms of advertising



Learn the Words in Half of the Time! You Can Amaze Your Friends, Family and Strangers by Singing/Rapping Like a Pro

LyricalPro provides you with the unique ability to learn the lyrics to songs with ease. Simply select or search for a song then when you find a song you wish to lyrically master, choose your learning curve and let the "Lyrical Pro" of the music world do the rest and guide you to becoming a lyrics genius.

From the first time you open the app to your first perfectly remembered rap, country tune, or song from a 50 crooner, you'll be the one getting wild applause, even standing ovations, and be a local Karaoke Star at the bar!

Lyrical Pro boasts and impressive feature set beyond its beautiful design, unrivaled by any other Apps out there:


★ Free Top-of-the-line & Leading Edge: Enhanced Music Player
★ Personal Video Progress Recording
★ Access to 2.2+ Millions of Lyrics with Online Music Scrolling Lyrics Reader and Synchronized Music Player (New users: 10-free lyric load credits!)
★ Pinpoint Bookmarking Mechanism (tap heart icon to cue)
★ Playlist Creation & Syncing (Press-Hold any Song to Multi-Select)
★ Global Shuffle: Listen to your Whole Collection Randomly
★ Follow Fellow Music Lovers, Discover New Music
★ Search Lyrics for a Song with the Lyrics Finder and Target Any Specific Song and Exactly What You Want To Learn with Beginning and End Range Pins!
★ Auto-Repetition w/ Patent Pending Auto-Back-Track Looping Technology (Load the Lyrics, then use the Refresh/Re-cycle Icon in the Lyric Viewer to Access your Learning Curve. Start with Novice. You can press-and-hold play/pause to re-cue at your Green Start position point during playback. The song will "Beep" after each cycle until you get it right)
★ & more!

Use the Lyrical Pro app just as a music player to listen to your collection, lyric finder or viewer to Sing Along or Master any Song, any verse, any chorus, any bridge, Anywhere, Anytime with or without the words, by drilling Song Lyrics into your head like your High School Teacher with Our apps Unique & Proprietary Auto-Repetition/Auto-Backtrack-Looping technology. Remember the Words, Forever.

★ Please Rate+Review our app in the Google Play Store and Google+ Us^! Thanks! ★
LyricalPro | Learn Lyrics Faster & Easier. Forever.


Available in the Google Playstore.



DiSPOND is derived from a combination of the words "Dispatch" which means to "deal with (a task, problem, or opponent) quickly and efficiently" along with "Respond", meaning to "say something in reply".

Dispond is pronounced as dis-pond, which closely resembles the word of "despond", with an enunciated "i" or "e" respectively. Despond means to "become dejected and lose confidence". You know those times when you can't seem to find the answer you're looking for and just want to give up?

We understand and have been there before, and that's why we have created Dispond to solve all your enigmas, dilemmas, predicaments or whatever is on your mind because someone, somewhere has to have the answer you're looking for! Real answers, advice and opinions, from real people, not just another talking computer. After all, this is real-life, not virtual reality.

Dispond is the only lifeline you will ever need. Lend a helping hand, receive a helping hand, because sharing is caring and no one is omniscient.



So how does it work? In 3-easy steps.

Simply create a Dispatch (your video question of yourself or an object, landscape, whatever), select the appropriate channel/category, then Dispatch it.

Your Dispatch will be automatically sent to 100 random "Dispondents" whose expertise match the channel you chose from all over the world (or you can select the GPS icon to localize your Dispatch distribution within' the Dispond Network).

As "Disponses" are populating, the same group of people will be able to see your question, at which point they may "Kudos" (our digital version of a high-five), which will determine who has given the best possible answer, and you will see these all in the palm of your hand.

At the end of the day, do what you will with that new found knowledge!


Available in the Google Playstore.

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